Laura Haskell Whelan

Owner, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, ACSM-CPT, AED, First Aid Certified

Welcome, I would like to introduce myself as a highly passionate individual when it comes to fitness and wellness. I have been involved in strength training, duathlons, Track and Field, Field Hockey, and several outdoor activities for as long as I can recall.  My newest love is to compete in several obstacle course races each year.

I recently came from Corporate America, where although I enjoyed what I did, I lacked passion and desire. I decided to pursue a career in a field that drives and inspires me most…helping others understand why exercise is a vital part of one’s life and how to achieve their personal fitness goals.

I am most successful in customizing programs that are suitable for each individual, as no two bodies are alike. I’m interested in learning about each individual and what motivates them as a means of guiding individuals to achieving their personal fitness goals. I enjoy the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment when a client has made measurable strides toward their goal. It is gratifying and an almost unimaginable feeling each and every day to come to work and help others feel good about themselves emotionally and physically. I am conscious about proper body mechanics as this is a vital component to building strength.

Designing an active program for you, and providing nutritional guidance is key to your overall success. I look forward to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.


Ashlyn Haskell 

NASM-CPT, CPR, AED, First Aid Certified

I’ve always been passionate about helping others attain a better quality of life.  This has driven me to pursue a career in fitness and wellness.

I studied Health, Wellness and Occupational Studies at the University of New England while also maintaining a minor in Psychology.  During this time I acquired knowledge regarding exercise and how it effects the brain, heart and body.  Generally, most things that are good for your heart are good for your brain creating the best all natural medication.

I strongly believe that exercise isn’t simply about how you look and what your body is capable of doing physically, but more importantly how you feel.  Exercise is a multi-purpose all-natural medication for weight loss, muscle gain, and reducing mental health symptoms.  I truly believe that exercise is THE answer to the most prevalent health issues around the globe.

I look forward to helping you achieve your personal physical and mental health goals through physical fitness.



Marc Martinez

Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Health Sciences, NASM-CPT, FMS, CFSC, USAW_L1SPC, KBC-L1, CPR, AED, first Aid certified

I grew up a very active child playing a variety of sports with a focus on baseball.  My love for sports and passion for helping people inspired me to start a career in the fitness industry.  I relocated to the Boston area from Florida and graduated from the University of Massachusetts in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Health Sciences.  While attending UMASS Boston, I had the opportunity to play for the New England Baseball League and to intern at Mass General Hospital Heart Center where I assisted in their Cardiac Rehab program.

Since 2009, I have built on my interests in sports and fitness by becoming a certified trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and obtaining other certifications including Functional Movement Screen, Functional Strength Coach, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, and Kettlebell Concepts Instructor.  I enjoy working with clients individually and in small groups while specializing in weight loss, sports performance enhancement, injury prevention and rehabilitation.  My philosophy for moving well first and building a strong foundation has enabled my clients to reach their goals by maximizing their potential and minimizing injuries.

I look forward to working with new clients, encouraging them to be their best self and continuing to grow in my experience!