I became familiar with BodyScapes as a longtime client of the Newton personal training studio. There I gained first-hand understanding of the powerful benefits of personal training and the unique attributes of the BodyScapes approach to fitness.

BodyScapes is truly a personal company, and I got to know Rob and Alan well over the years. I’m an attorney and a private investor, and when the opportunity arose in 2007 to partner with Rob and Alan on the business side of things, I jumped.

It’s exciting to be part of a business that’s doing so well. But the best part is having a venue to share my passion for fitness and to see how that has a real impact on others’ well-being.

My current fitness motivation: I want to always be ready for any physical activity—climbing a mountain peak with my three sons, playing touch football with friends, or skiing with my wife.

My biggest fitness achievement: That I’ve found a way to make exercise a regular part of my life for more than 25 years.

My best piece of fitness advice: Attitude is everything. Find the fun in exercise itself and great fitness results will surely follow. Variety will keep exercise challenging and fun, and promote well-rounded fitness.