Working one-on-one with a BodyScapes Personal Trainer will help you gain the skills and insights needed for a healthier, longer life. Within a very short time, you will begin to feel better. Blood pressure and cholesterol will improve. Your clothes will eventually begin to feel loose. Your body composition will change and your self – confidence will boost. You will feel better than you ever thought possible. You will change your life.
When One2One BodyScapes was founded nearly 15 years ago, personal training was relatively unknown. Today, personal training can be found in many forms from cookie cutter circuit programs to small group training. While many of these programs offered a supposed lower cost, they offer no personal attention to your specific goals and health issues. At One2One BodyScapes, fitness is personal. In your very first session, we spend the time to truly understand your goals as well as your health concerns. We assess your movement patterns to understand your physical areas of strength and weakness. We are engaged with you one-on-one to ensure that your experience and results are maximized by providing personal attention from the moment you walk in our door to the moment you leave. It’s why our clients choose us over all the rest.

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