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An Unsurpassed Training Experience

One2One BodyScapes is committed to delivering an unsurpassed personal training experience.  An experience which begins with the moment you step through our door, extends through a carefully thought out exercise program, and continues as you achieve your goals.  Quite simply, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve a healthier, longer life and feel better than they ever thought possible.

Fanatical Commitment to “Personal”

When One2One BodyScapes was founded nearly 20 years ago, personal training was relatively unknown.  Today, “Personal Training” can be found in many forms from cookie cutter circuit programs to a machine that’s supposed to be your personal trainer.  While many of these programs offer a supposed lower cost, they offer no personal attention to your specific goals and health history.

At One2One BodyScapes, fitness is personal.   In your very first session, we spend the time to truly understand your goals as well as your health concerns.  We assess your movement patterns to understand your physical areas of strength and weakness.  Then, we design an exercise program specifically for you to help you get to where you want to go.  It’s this personal approach to fitness that causes our clients to choose us over all the rest.

Try Us Out – it’s all about FIT

At One2One BodyScapes, you won’t be hammered with hard sales pitches or whisked off to the corner office to be bombarded with uncomfortable questions.  We know you’re smarter than that.  At One2One BodyScapes, it’s all about fit.  Take advantage of a trial package and experience us first hand to see if we would be a good fit for you.  It also gives us a chance to learn a bit about you to see if and how we can best help you.  No pressure, no silly sales tactics, we promise.  Look forward to meeting you!