One2One BodyScapes Wellesley has experienced trainers that will motivate and educate you so you can set and attain personal fitness goals. You will work closely with your trainer and learn how to reduce risk factors, change unwanted habits, manage stress, and meet life’s milestones with optimism and vitality. Depending on your needs and goals, most sessions will include some focus on flexibility, muscular strengthening, and cardiovascular endurance. Other areas of attention might include injury rehabilitation, sport-specific conditioning, functional training, core fitness, balance, agility, and weight loss. You’ll work with a highly skilled fitness professional who will evaluate your needs and goals, and then design a customized program perfect for you.

I started working with the trainers at BodyScapes years ago right before I had surgery on my right knee.  The team worked with me to strengthen my legs so that the upcoming surgery would not slow me down.  I credit that preparation for a speedy recovery and have been a client ever since.  The trainers at BodyScapes have helped me lose weight and strengthen those parts of my body that are unused during biking season.  Every member of the BodyScapes team is skilled at what they do and they are all great cheerleaders ~ they continually encourage their clients to safely reach for the next level of fitness.

Eleanor Uddo