DamonBachmanDamon Bachman
Owner / General Manager

Damon has over 8 years of experience and has worked with an array of clients. He was fortunate enough to begin his career working under a Physician in Florida. He especially enjoys working with clients that are looking to improve their quality of life. Most individuals that walk through the door tend to focus on weight loss and it’s his job to change their mindset. Damon teaches his clients that weight loss is the byproduct of one-on-one personal training. Their focus should be “what day-to-day activities were not a struggle before and are now?” Is it that they can no longer play on the floor with their children; is it that they can no longer take the stairs because it’s too much of a struggle; is it that they take too much medication because of their high blood-pressure or other health issues? Damon believes a lot of the issues clients face today can be helped by a combination of strength and cardiovascular training, along with nutritional guidance.


John1John Betts
Assistant Manager/Personal Trainer

John discovered his passion for personal training as a junior in college at Framingham State University. After getting certified with the International Sports Sciences Association, he began personal training in 2005. With over 8 year’s experience, John is a veteran member at One 2 One Bodyscapes. His personable nature and easy going attitude puts clients at ease and makes fitness fun. John believes in an honest approach to training and that “working out” doesn’t always have to feel like work. He understands that with today’s busy schedules, fitness can take a back seat, but with his help you can make it a part of your life. Whether you’re looking to shed that winter weight or keep up with your kids, John and the rest of the staff is here to help. Let us improve your quality of life by improving your health at One 2 One Bodyscapes.


ResaResa Mahoney
Personal Trainer

Resa is a former professional ballet and modern dancer with over 35 years of extensive training and performing. Repetitive stress injuries as a dancer and a serious knee injury inspired Resa to begin her instructor training in physical fitness. She is a personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine, a classically trained Pilates mat instructor through Power Pilates, a certified TRX Suspension Training group instructor, and certified in The Burdenko Method of land and water conditioning.
Resa is passionate about meeting the needs and goals of each client with an emphasis on providing a creative and surprising variety of exercises that focus on the medicinal benefits of exercise. This will include cardiorespiratory endurance, muscle conditioning, flexibility, core postural muscles, balance and coordination. She will improve the success rate of reaching your health and fitness goals by offering a profound level of support and encouragement. When not training, Resa enjoys gardening, reading, listening to music, and spending time with family, friends, and her three cats.


Craig Thompson
Personal Trainer

Craig is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He had competed in athletics from an early age including High School and Olympic style wrestling, as well as Golden Gloves Boxing. After letting his fitness get away from him in his 30’s he discovered a true passion for fitness once again after becoming a father. He was able to lose over 50 pounds and completely transform his body, mind, and overall health through a clean diet and exercise. His passion now is helping other people improve their health and fitness by passing along the knowledge he has gained over the years. Craig specializes in resistance training along with Metabolic conditioning and Cardiovascular training. He believes in breaking fitness and nutrition down to the fundamentals to simplify what it takes to get life changing results for his clients at a safe yet steadily progressing pace.


Krista Patronick
Personal Trainer

Krista’s personal journey with weight loss led her to become a personal trainer in 2016. Having lost 75lbs and maintained it for over 5 years, she brings a sense of understanding to clients who are trying to live healthier lives. Krista aims to help clients with the mental, emotional and social struggles in weight loss in addition to delivering effective workouts. An avid runner and hockey player, Krista has run three marathons and a number of half marathons. She is the GM of the Boston Blades professional women’s ice hockey team, and plays on a competitive ball hockey team. Krista enjoys training everyone from professional athletes to moms who are just getting back into physical activity, and believes in catering workouts to each client, no matter where their starting point may be. She believes fitness can make anyone a happier person inside and out.