My career has always involved working closely with people. I started out in retail and that experience taught me that I had a passion for talking with customers on a one-to-one basis and helping them solve their needs. But my entrepreneurial spirit was pushing me to try something new.

So I moved on, working next as a VP of Operations for a clothing manufacturer, and 10 years later at an Internet start-up. These experiences essentially taught me how to run a business, and re-affirmed for me that building and fostering one-on-one relationships with the people around me was what motivated me in my career.

I started talking with my longtime friend, Rob Shapiro, about an idea he had for a one-on-one personal training studio. He was already in the fitness industry and was confident it was what people needed. Knowing what I know about people, the idea intuitively felt right to me too. All along I knew I was building up my business background for something bigger, something more meaningful. This was the perfect venture, so we were off!

I couldn’t be happier going to work every day. I run our business day-to-day. I’m constantly refining it so that we can continuously provide a top-notch customer experience. Seeing that someone is happy with their experience makes me feel great, and motivates me every day to continually grow and evolve this business.

My current fitness motivation: To keep up with my two boys in baseball, basketball, and skiing, and not let them beat me… yet!

My biggest fitness achievement: Running on a consistent basis (I’ll admit – I find it boring! But know it’s good for me).

My best piece of fitness advice: Take it slow and build it one day at a time. Learn what motivates you, and use that to help you through the tough times.