06Apr 2016

Reid Bio Edit

Reid Coulombe, BS in Kinesiology, NSCA-CSCS, Athlete’s acceleration-CSAC, AED, First-Aid Certified

I don’t think of myself as a personal trainer, I prefer to refer to myself as a physical preparation coach.  I have found my passion in helping people optimize their physical performance in all of life’s endeavor’s.  Whether you are an athlete, weekend warrior, someone looking to lose weight, or someone simply looking to feel better and feel stronger, I can help.

I am a graduate of the University of Rhode Island where I was fortunate enough to be a Strength Coaching Intern at South County Sports Performance where I worked with high level athletes, high school teams, post-rehab ACL patients, and many more.

Since graduation I have returned to Maine where for many years I could be found playing or coaching baseball (including the 2005 Little League World Series).  I have worked with many clients with a wide range of goals including sports performance, wedding preparation, weight loss, and post-rehab strength and conditioning.

My philosophy revolves around the simple truth that exercise should enhance our life, not make it worse.  I emphasize proper proper movement and mechanics, which helps clients achieve improved strength, efficient movement, and a better physique.  I look forward to guiding you through your own personal physical preparation.


17Dec 2014

November 5th marks National Health Day and therefore is the perfect time to start considering how you can improve your health. Many people believe that cutting back on the junk and substituting a salad every now and again is the solution to their health problems but it is never that simple. There is a saying that has been repeated time and again, “an apple away keeps the doctor away”, yet that is not the case according to the American Heart Association. The recommended fruit and vegetable intake is eight or more fruit or vegetable servings everyday. To put that into perspective, that is 4 1/2 cups of fruits and vegetables a day for an average adult. This number may seem excessive to some, however fruits and vegetables provide vitamins, fiber and minerals which can help you control your weight and blood pressure. Finding ways to include these portions into your daily diet and routine may prove a little tricky, so the American Heart Association is sharing a free fruits and vegetables toolkit to help you figure out how to reach the recommended fruit and vegetable intake. Educate yourself today about how to better take care of your body and check out heart.org/NationalEatingHealthyDay for help to increase your fruit and vegetable consumption!

17Dec 2014

The age of a person is most often determined by the number of years a person has been alive. However, it could be said that a more accurate measurement of age is not merely the number of years a person has lived, rather the conditions of the body due to circumstances and treatment over the course of those years. The Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) enables a body age assessment as a tool to determine how old your body truly is based on strength, flexibility, body composition, body mass index, blood pressure, cardiac function, eating habits, and blood chemistry.

Evaluating your body age helps determine health and longevity more so than the number of years of life. Two people can be the same chronological age but have two completely different body ages, therefore requiring different fitness and health regiments in order to maintain or improve ones health and therefore quality of living.

This examination evaluates the individual in each of the categories compared to gender and chronological age norms and provides dietary and fitness guidelines tailored to each person for how to decrease and improve their body age.

Determining one’s body age can help put an individuals health in perspective and give a concise reality of the condition of the body. This reality check can provide the motivation needed for many individuals to make the lifestyle changes necessary to move towards a healthier state of being and a lower body age.

So possibly next time you consider how old you are, instead ask yourself how old do you want to be. Take the body age assessment evaluation and work towards the age that will allow you to maintain a happy and healthy life. We have no control over our chronological age, but you can and should have a say in your body age!

14Oct 2014

We are so excited to receive the 2014 Readers Choice Award as Best Fitness Center in Scarborough Maine. If you haven’t set up your Personal Training Sessions now is the perfect time. Try our 3 sessions for $99 intro special for New customers.

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13Oct 2014

In Indianapolis, a new fitness program is starting in local YMCA gyms that is geared towards individuals with cancer. The program is call Livestrong at the YMCA and their goal is to promote fitness to those with cancer and remove the fear and intimidation of the gym for them.  Rather than trying to turn clients into athletes, the program aims to help encourage movement and reuse of muscles that could have become weak with treatment. The program is in a class setting with 8-12 people who are in various stages of treatment. The classroom setting encourages group support as well as education about what the body goes through in regards to cancer, chemotherapy, and radiation. Once an individual feels ready, they will enter the gym with a trainer. The trainer helps to regain balance, endurance, and strength while maintaining a pace that the individual is comfortable with. The workout regimen is tailored to each person’s diagnosis and capabilities, so each person has an experience unique to them. The class is not limited to YMCA members and is open to people at any stage of cancer. The classes begin when there are enough people to fill a class. Hopefully other facilities will begin similar programs to focus on fitness for individuals with cancer.

29Sep 2014

People often debate whether hiring a personal trainer is right for them personally and if it is worth the cost. For many different reasons, personal training sessions can be extremely beneficial to every type of person. One major benefit of having a personal trainer is the accountability and motivation that they provide. Before you even leave your house you are seeing a benefit because the obligation to go exercise is there because you have made a commitment to someone which makes it harder to back out.

A trainer will help you develop a routine that is specific to your goals and your abilities. Personal trainers are educated and experienced in fitness regimen and the body so they know the best way to utilize your time to see the greatest results. If you go to the gym on your own you may not know what machines or weights to use or how much to reach your potential. Trainers will teach you various exercises for the different muscles that you need to focus on and the proper way to do these exercises. You could be completely unaware that you are doing an exercise incorrectly and be actually doing more damage than good so the instruction of someone who is trained in this field will help to guarantee you do not get hurt.

One of the significant benefits that any person who has worked with a personal trainer can tell you is that you will maximize your workout while minimizing the time. One of the main deterrents for people when it comes to exercise is not having enough time. You will burn more calories working out with a trainer because they have already developed an efficient work out plan that incorporates both cardio and muscle strength while keeping you constantly moving. When working out at the gym alone, people tend to have more lag time in between machines or exercises but trainers utilize every minute and will teach you how to do the same on your own. The goal of a personal trainer is to help you to get to a place where you feel comfortable and confident exercising and able to create a workout for yourself that will allow you to feel healthy and fit.