Pilates Studios


Pilates is one of the most effective ways to increase strength and flexibility, as well as an effective addition to any cardio or strength training regimen. It combines body conditioning with coordinated movements that require focus and endurance to improve balance, strength, and coordination of the mind, body, and spirit.

  • With or without props, on the mat, or on the reformer, Pilates targets very specific muscle groups and uses your own weight and flexibility to give you an incredible workout.
  • Here at BodyScapes we are fully equipped to work with everyone from the most beginner students to experienced Pilates practitioners. Our studios are equipped with everything you need for a complete Pilates experience: reformers, chair, fitness circles, flex-bands, and more. (Sound like a foreign language? Let us introduce you!)
  • Our Pilates instructors are some of the best in the business. They can tailor a workout to your fitness goals or advance your Pilates practice.
  • Private sessions are offered, as well as duets.

I started working with the trainers at BodyScapes years ago right before I had surgery on my right knee.  The team worked with me to strengthen my legs so that the upcoming surgery would not slow me down.  I credit that preparation for a speedy recovery and have been a client ever since.  The trainers at BodyScapes have helped me lose weight and strengthen those parts of my body that are unused during biking season.  Every member of the BodyScapes team is skilled at what they do and they are all great cheerleaders ~ they continually encourage their clients to safely reach for the next level of fitness.

Eleanor Uddo