Many people struggle to find the motivation to exercise. Whether they are conscious of their capability, in need of peer pressure, or just haven’t found a workout that suits them, getting to the gym can be a battle. A new group fitness app, so appropriately named Gritness, is working to help make fitness more of a fun and interactive experience. The app allows you to search by location and the type of exercise you are seeking to find fitness options around you. Exercises vary from running, cycling, climbing and even fitness facilities in the area. You can see what other groups have formed in your area or you can start your own and other app users can join you. This app is a great way for people to learn more about the fitness opportunities near them as well as a way to meet new people with similar goals who can motivate and encourage you to reach your full potential. The app has gone global so even when you are on vacation you can use the app to find physical activities that you can enjoy in a new place with new people, so no excuses!