09Jun 2014

Monitor Your Heart Rate to Make the Most of a Workout

Measuring your heart rate during a workout is a great way to know if you are challenging yourself at the right intensity.Do you measure your heart rate when you exercise? I think you should.

Your heart rate gives you valuable feedback to know when exercise is too challenging or not challenging enough. When you set out to do a “cardio” workout, you are trying to exercise your heart at an appropriate intensity to make it stronger and reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.

How do you measure your heart rate? Most cardio machines measure your heart rate via metal handles. My experience is that if your heart rate shows up on the machine and remains steady, then the readout is usually accurate. If your machine has trouble displaying your heartrate, or you will be exercising without a machine, you can get a heart rate monitor for your wrist or chest which will display on a compatible watch. Smartphones have great apps and accessories to measure workout intensity, too.

What’s my target heart rate? Well, how old are you? The maximum rate your heart beats can be calculated as 220 minus your age in years. For example, the max heart rate of a 40-year-old is 220-40 or 180 beats/min.Those new to exercise should target a heartrate equal to 60-70 percent of their maximum. For the 40-year-old this is 108-126 bpm. More experienced exercisers can target 75-85 percent of their maximum, now 135-153 bpm for the 40-year-old. If the 40-year-old experienced person sees a heart rate of 110, they can probably increase their workout intensity. If they see a heart rate of 165, they can slow down. Either way, the heart rate information helps.

Give it a try! at if you have any questions.

09Jun 2014

How to relieve a lot of pain with two simple tools

Learn about two inexpensive tools to help you relieve many times of pain. Most people have some kind of muscular pain from time to time. At our studio, the most common types we see are sciatic low back pain, upper back pain, and knee and hip pain. Clients thank us all the time for introducing them to two simple tools: a foam roller and lacrosse ball for relief. With both tools, the user uses their own body weight to move the tool to an area of tenderness, and then rolls slowly back and forth to loosen the muscle. Over time, the pain can be greatly reduced. The proper term for how they work is called Myofascial release, or trigger points. These tools can be purchased at any sporting goods store, and are inexpensive. To see examples of how to use the roller, google “foam roll exercises”. For more questions and guidance using these tools, call me at BodyScapes at 508 358-9160 or email me at estutman@one2onebodyscapes.com

09Jun 2014

What is your Summer exercise level? Let’s be honest!

Most people believe they get the most exercise during the summer months. Sometimes people are fooling themselves into thinking that they are getting more exercise in the summer than they really are.

Most people will tell you that they are most active, and therefore, get the most exercise during the summer months. Sometimes people are fooling themselves into thinking that they are getting more exercise in the summer than they really are.

Summer seems like an ideal time to get outside and exercise; it is warm out, and the sun stays out late. However, think about the real amount of exercise you get during the summer, not the amount of fresh air. While golf is one of my favorite sports, I know it is really not exercise because there is nothing heavy, and I am not out of breath at any time. The beach is also great fun, but unless you are jogging in the sand or swimming a long distance, the beach doesn’t belong in the fitness category either. Finally, work, driving, movies, and TV are still part of our lives in the summer, and work against our fitness level.

So, do start or maintain your fitness plan in the summer via tennis, basketball, jogging, hiking, or going to the air conditioned gym/personal training studio, because otherwise you may not be getting as much exercise this season as you think.

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