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November 5th marks National Health Day and therefore is the perfect time to start considering how you can improve your health. Many people believe that cutting back on the junk and substituting a salad every now and again is the solution to their health problems but it is never that simple. There is a saying […]

In Indianapolis, a new fitness program is starting in local YMCA gyms that is geared towards individuals with cancer. The program is call Livestrong at the YMCA and their goal is to promote fitness to those with cancer and remove the fear and intimidation of the gym for them. ¬†Rather than trying to turn clients […]

Many people struggle to find the motivation to exercise. Whether they are conscious of their capability, in need of peer pressure, or just haven’t found a workout that suits them, getting to the gym can be a battle. A new group fitness app, so appropriately named Gritness, is working to help make fitness more of […]