In Indianapolis, a new fitness program is starting in local YMCA gyms that is geared towards individuals with cancer. The program is call Livestrong at the YMCA and their goal is to promote fitness to those with cancer and remove the fear and intimidation of the gym for them. ¬†Rather than trying to turn clients into athletes, the program aims to help encourage movement and reuse of muscles that could have become weak with treatment. The program is in a class setting with 8-12 people who are in various stages of treatment. The classroom setting encourages group support as well as education about what the body goes through in regards to cancer, chemotherapy, and radiation. Once an individual feels ready, they will enter the gym with a trainer. The trainer helps to regain balance, endurance, and strength while maintaining a pace that the individual is comfortable with. The workout regimen is tailored to each person’s diagnosis and capabilities, so each person has an experience unique to them. The class is not limited to YMCA members and is open to people at any stage of cancer. The classes begin when there are enough people to fill a class. Hopefully other facilities will begin similar programs to focus on fitness for individuals with cancer.