How to relieve a lot of pain with two simple tools

Learn about two inexpensive tools to help you relieve many times of pain. Most people have some kind of muscular pain from time to time. At our studio, the most common types we see are sciatic low back pain, upper back pain, and knee and hip pain. Clients thank us all the time for introducing them to two simple tools: a foam roller and lacrosse ball for relief. With both tools, the user uses their own body weight to move the tool to an area of tenderness, and then rolls slowly back and forth to loosen the muscle. Over time, the pain can be greatly reduced. The proper term for how they work is called Myofascial release, or trigger points. These tools can be purchased at any sporting goods store, and are inexpensive. To see examples of how to use the roller, google “foam roll exercises”. For more questions and guidance using these tools, call me at BodyScapes at 508 358-9160 or email me at