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We are so excited to receive the 2014 Readers Choice Award as Best Fitness Center in Scarborough Maine. If you haven’t set up your Personal Training Sessions now is the perfect time. Try our 3 sessions for $99 intro special for New customers.

How to relieve a lot of pain with two simple tools Learn about two inexpensive tools to help you relieve many times of pain. Most people have some kind of muscular pain from time to time. At our studio, the most common types we see are sciatic low back pain, upper back pain, and knee […]

What is your Summer exercise level? Let’s be honest! Most people believe they get the most exercise during the summer months. Sometimes people are fooling themselves into thinking that they are getting more exercise in the summer than they really are. Most people will tell you that they are most active, and therefore, get the […]

Grocery shopping the right way There are 5 important rules to make sure you are grocery shopping the healthy way! Rule number 1: Buy as must fresh food as possible. This is one of the easiest rules to follow. If your food come in boxes and cans there is no way it can be fresher […]

Cheat Day Knowing that you can still enjoy one of the unhealthy foods you love at some point each week will make the fact that you’re on a “diet” less of a punishment or a chore and more about living a new, healthy lifestyle that can still be fun. Lacking motivation to stick to a […]

SuperFoods in your everyday life Trying to think of a healthy meal that doesn’t take all day to prepare and cook can be a difficult task for busy working individuals. There is a way to stay healthy during the work week by making sure you have the right foods and ingredients in your fridge at […]

So many people can be mislead buy what the content food labels. When items have “0 fat” it does not make it “healthy”. This are some of the tricks companies use to convenience you that their food may help you loose weight. Here are 5 foods that you may have thought were a healthy option […]

Memorial Day is around the corner. Find yourself traveling for the holiday and constantly thrown off schedule and away from BodyScapes, unable to get a workout in? Not to worry. We have all the tools you need to keep you working out, even when you have to spend time away! So many simple workouts can […]

Let’s face it. We’re all busy and constantly on the go. Finding time to workout and eat healthy all within our busy schedules? It’s not an easy task. Let us help you with some suggestions for healthy, portable snacks packed with protein and nutrients that you can take on the go to keep you feeling […]